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THE JACKFRUIT COMPANY. Now available in the UK!

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The jackfruit tree is a hardy, easy-to-grow, and resistant to drought and heat, so it’s well suited to adapt to our changing climate. And though they’re native to southern India, jackfruit trees thrive in tropical regions around the world, which is why it’s a staple ingredient in many Asian cuisines.

But of course, the biggest deal of all about jackfruit is that it’s nutritionally dense and unusually versatile. Jackfruit is high in sustaining fiber, low in calories, and has a texture and flavor that evolves during its ripening process.

The flavour of young jackfruit is subtle, so it absorbs and complements the spices and seasonings it’s cooked with. It also has a meaty, dense texture that shreds like pulled pork (the Bengali word for jackfruit means “tree mutton”). This makes young jackfruit a wonderfully versatile centerpiece for whole food, plant-based diets in nearly every cuisine—from spicy Asian curries to savory southern BBQs to comforting Italian pastas.

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