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Choose Vegan loves La Fauxmagerie, the UK's first ever fully plant-based cheesemonger. Of course it's the cheese we love first and foremost, it's all just so delicious, but we also completely love the genius name, just brilliant.... Congratulations Rachel and Charlotte !!


Having seen it confirmed that La Fauxmagerie had moved to their new premises in London E2, and were also about to launch their on line shopping to compliment, Choose Vegan needed to go try some of their wonderful cheeses for ourselves. The visit led to this page because we were totally won over not only by the cheeses, but by the welcome and sheer enthusiasm of Rachel who explained everything about the shop, the cheeses, and provided a full tasting session.

La Fauxmagerie is owned and operated by Rachel and Charlotte, two sisters from, as they say, the 'luscious green valleys of South Wales', Both are committed to Vegan life and share a passion of course for Vegan Cheese. As we all appreciate, (Vegans and Vegetarians who are moving ever closer to Veganism), finding dairy-free cheese has been not only a challenge but most often a disappointment.

The very good news is that these Vegan cheeses do not disappoint. Bringing everything together in one place there are Vegan Cheddars, Blue Cheeses, Soft Cheeses, smoked Cheeses and Cream Cheeses. 

Also in stock are preserves and breads to add to your Cheese enjoyment. 

The on line shop is brilliantly easy to navigate and delivery available across the UK , so if you can't get own to E2 easily go ahead and get ordering. VaVUK wholly recommends the 'Kinda Co. Farmhouse Creamy Spread'  and the 'Honestly Tasty Veganzola'. Both utterly delicious and again a nod to name 'Veganzola'. Love it.


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