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Why Vegan?

Why Vegan? Well quite simply because as we move into the 2020's there's no rational or supportable arguments left against veganism. The future is Vegan and it's a bright future full of promise for us all.


OK, but why should we cease consuming meat and dairy?


There are 4 incredibly compelling reasons.

Our own health and well being, the awful and massive impacts of animal agriculture on the environment, the most compelling reason for many of us is of course, because it's just wrong, the moral argument if you will, and then there's the pure joy of veganism. Great food, full of colour and tastier and more vibrant

Our personal 'Well Being' or 'Health' is paramount to us all. Veganism lessens the risk of so much physical ill health. Vegan food is delicious too and that being vegan is difficult or troublesome is a complete myth. It's easier today than ever to be vegan and there's more choice and variety added all the time.

Then there's 'the environment'. In the last couple of decades it has become abundantly clear, for a multitude of reasons, that farming for the meat and dairy industries is now recognised as disastrous for our beautiful planet. This is arguably the BIG ONE, and if it isn't today it soon will be.

Morality? Animal agriculture and the dairy industry are brutal and savage. Non-human life on earth, whether animals, insects or fish are NOT here to serve us. They are not our slaves. They are our equals. Fellow earthlings. They are here with us not for us. Its time to change.

​For a fleeting moment of gustatory pleasure another's life is taken.             

Everyone life is precious. ​We shouldn't be eating our friends. Our actions must match our thinking. ​


Joy of Vegan? Yes, the Joy of Vegan. Click on the link above and discover the whole new world that awaits you.

All in all it's an unarguable position.


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"It may take awhile, but there will probably come a time when we look back and say 'Good Lord, do you believe that in the 20th century and early part of the 21st century, people were still eating animals?"'  

Mary Tyler Moore (US Academy Award Winning Actor. Ordinary People. The Mary Tyler Moore Show) 


Discrimination based on species membership.

The treatment of members of one species as morally more important than members of another species even when their interests are equivalent. Most precisely described as the failure to consider interests of equal extent because of the species the animal belongs to. 

Example: In the so-called 'Horse Meat Scandal' of 2013 there was widespread public horror that horse flesh had made it into foods advertised as beef. Vegans and Vegetarians naturally question... "Why is the horse more important than the cow?"

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